An adorable Pit Bull experiences freedom for the first time in his entire life being abandoned

Aimee is one of the sweetest pit bull dogs on the planet, and if there’s one thing she wants you to know, that’s never giving up hope. You believe that is much friendlier than any dog hunter; even if it’s not so easy for her, she’s still a darling.

The sweet pit bull was brought to the Carson Animal Care Center in Carson, California, in 2015.

Since the Shelter was overflowing, this was not good for Aimee. They are considered “high-murder” shelters. This means a puppy has only one small window to adopt before they are let down.

Poor Aimee was left in a shelter in fear, anxiety, vulnerability, and a skin disease that caused her great pain.

Fortunately for her, a rescue group called Saving Carson Shelter Dogs noticed Aimee. They couldn’t help but feel the urge to help out the sweet girl.

The team’s M.O filmed the dogs inside the shelter walls and shared it on social media. This helps to display a picture of each dog and ensures everyone knows they can be adopted. Small increases in publicity have resulted in many different dogs being adopted from shelters.

The rescue team posted a short video of the lovely girl in her crib on FB. She was overjoyed when she had a visitor that made everyone melt.

“AIMEE is so adorable, short, and the cutest baby! She’s super cute, and once her skin heals, she’ll feel great! Please SHARE for her life, and she needs a TEMPERAMENT TEST requested IN PERSON by an Interested Party before the Shelter will allow her to be saved,” the video description wrote.

Also included are some of Aimee’s photos. Among them was a lovely head-on look of the cuddly little dog nestled in her favorite blanket. The posts were like a charm! Within a few days, she eagerly waited to meet her new permanent family.

When Aimee had to meet her new owner, one of the rescuers filmed her taking her first freedom steps out of her crib.

She is so excited that she runs around each member of her new family, giving them hugs and love. Make no mistake, she has a lot of love to give, and she will need it for her new life. In addition to being away with her mom and dad, she also has three brothers! One of them had to keep her leash as she walked her free.

What was supposed to be a walk, however, quickly turned into a free run. The chubby pitbull girl could not contain her joy.

“AIMMEE (PHOENIX) is the cutest little hippopotamus ever to take her RUN FREE out of the Shelter in the embrace of a new family! Thanks to all of you TO SHARE, she’s safe tonight. AIMEE’s happy life,” the rescue team wrote as they shared a video of her free escape on FB.

When the kind pit bull first arrived at the Carson Animal Care Center, it became clear that Aimee had a traumatic start in life. Her body was covered with old scars and wounds, and her ears had been removed.

All signs indicated that she was abused and forced to fight. However, even though with all of that trauma, she still strives to be a loyal, lovable and sweet dog. She deserves to find such a big, forever-loving family, just like all dogs do.

If you want to donate to Saving Carson Shelter Dogs, you can visit them on FB.