An army veteran learned how to fly, forked $65,000 to buy an airplane, and flies across America to save more than 1,500 animals from shelters

For the love of stray animals, an Army veteran trained to fly, paid $65,000 for an airplane, and then began rescuing “furry companions” throughout the nation who were set to be put down.

Paul Steklenski, a 45-year-old veteran from Schwenksville, Pennsylvania, has always had a passion for animals and a desire to show compassion for them. It was then that Paul began to devote his time to rescuing animals from shelters.

A few years ago, the compassionate man acquired a stray dog named Tessa from a local animal shelter. He determined to rescue as many dogs and cats as possible after learning that so many of these innocent souls were destined to be euthanized. In May 2015, the veteran established Flying Fur Animal Rescue, a rescue organization whose mission is to “save animals one rescue flight at a time.”

Since then, using his own jet, the generous guy has saved over 1,500 animals from shelters across the United States. Paul stated, “When I first began flying, there were times when I wanted to quit because I didn’t believe I could do it, but I kept going back.” “Seeing the pets at the shelter broke my heart. It was heartbreaking to think that so many animals were being euthanized because they were trapped in a single region.

Paul acknowledges that he gets quite emotional when he sees animals in distress, but rescuing them and witnessing their happiness makes him feel alive. The veteran of the U.S. Army stated, “It’s a highly emotional profession, but it’s also tremendously gratifying.” “I realized I could make a difference by coming there and transporting the animals to other shelters.

“I have a sense that better things will befall them in the future. It is extremely beneficial. Paul remarked, “It’s not only the animal that will be affected; the dog or cat will have an impact on someone else as well.”

Paul Steklenski you’re an angel! Visit Flying Fur Animal Rescue if you wish to aid this hero in saving additional innocent lives.