An elderly dog found a cozy home after spending 11 years in the shelter

An elderly dog found a cozy home after spending 11 years in the shelter.

An elderly dog ​​named Wiggles was sent to 5A’s Animal Shelter in Godfrey, Ill., In 2010 because it had an allergy and its former guardians couldn’t cover its medical expenses.

Over the years, the shelters have been trying to find a suitable family for Wiggles. But acceptors have ignored social media posts, especially after Wiggles developed a benign melon-sized tumor in 2016.

Staff continues to look for Wiggles adopters so she can enjoy the rest of the time in the comfort of her own home, surrounded by loving guardians. But over ten years, Wiggles are still waiting to find a new home for older dogs.

Eventually, the 14-year-old dog was adopted by a couple whose dog had passed away from cancer. “I cried of happiness when I was adopted,” Karla said.

“The couple had a dog that passed away from cancer and thought it was time to adopt again. They have a large fenced-in courtyard and a nice neighborhood which looks perfect for Wiggles.” Carla, a housing worker, told Riverbender that it was love at first sight.

“She’s a cute person, and she’s a happy girl,” Carla, a temporary resident, told KSDK. “She just needs a family that can be there for her, not locked in a crate or crate. She needs a house where someone will be there with her and spend a lot of time with her.

“Wiggles’ new family said she is adapting well to her new surroundings, including a large fenced-in yard, RiverBender reported. This touching story reminds us that having a family forever. Perfect for all shelter animals, including the elderly and dogs with special medical needs.