The ancient singing dog was discovered in the wild for the first time in 50 years

It’s no secret that our planet is dying. After millennia of abuse and neglect, our ecosystem has been nearly destroyed, and the majority of the damage has caused irreversible.

One of the greatest tragedies we have suffered is the extinction of many stunning animals, some that have died from destroyed natural habitats or excessive hunting. Either way, we have suffered a significant loss because of our collective carelessness.

The singing dog of New Guinea is believed to exist only in captivity.

One animal that was said to exist only in captivity is the wonderful singing dog of New Guinea, a wild breed known for its distinct musical howls.

They were thought to have gone extinct in the wild 50 years ago, with only about 200 of these wild dogs living in sanctuaries or zoos around the world, all of which are descendants of a few. Wild dogs caught in the ’70s.

However, in 2016, researchers amazingly discovered what appeared to be a herd of rare baby rats in the remote highlands of Papua, Indonesia. Desperate for further investigation, they returned in 2018 to determine if this is the singing dog they once believed had passed away forever.

After collecting blood samples, demographic, physiological, and behavioral data, researchers were confirmed – the dogs were found to have a 70% genetic overlap with the dogs. Dogs have been stored in captivity.

According to research published in PNAS, the two dogs have very similar genomic sequences and are more closely linked to each other than any other dog.

With their new discovery, the researchers now hope to breed wild dogs with captive ones to continue preserving dying species.

“Singing dogs in New Guinea are rare… you can’t find it anywhere else in the wild, so losing it as a species is not a good thing. We don’t want to see this (animal) disappear, ”said Elaine Ostrander, senior author of the paper and an investigator at the National Institutes of Health.

Finger crossed, the scientists succeeded, and these puppies will again explore the world from its mountain peaks.

With their haunting and harmonious cries, these exotic dogs are well worth our guard. Now captive animals have a chance to fight!

“They have this beautiful harmonious sound that you don’t find anywhere else in nature”