Armadillo Found Chillin’ In Pool And In No Hurry To Leave

Armadillos are a familiar sight in East Texas, but armadillos lounging and soaking up the sun in your pool are a bit unique.

Tammy Anderson of Nacogdoches, Texas, discovered the unexpected guest in the family’s pool while checking on her sister-in-home law’s while she was on vacation.

She cautiously approached the dark form and realized it was an armadillo lounging on a pool float!

Tammy couldn’t quite believe what she was witnessing, so she called her mother over to see for herself. Yep, an armadillo.

Due to the creature’s apparent reluctance to depart the pool’s cool water on the scorching summer day, the two individuals chose to assist it. “It’s nothing but cold, ain’t it?” Tammy’s mother stated in the video she filmed of the eerie sight.

Kristy West, the sister-in-law, posted the photos and video when she returned from vacation and wrote, “Y’all I have to say I have the best sister n law ever and mother n law for videoing this but not only does my sister n law help me with all my animals and critters but also with the visitors who just want to post up, chill in my pool, and not ready to call it a day yet…”

And to Dolly the dog’s credit, she was more interested than suspicious about the armadillo guest and understood to leave it alone. West subsequently told the Dodo that she and her family will welcome the armadillo back if he decides to use the pool again.

She stated, “I would probably just let him relax out and see if he could escape on his own.” “However, we are still perplexed as to how he managed to board the float in such a manner.”