Armadillo Lizards Look Like Real-Life Mini-Dragons

Dragons are a sort of mythological creature that are highly popular among those who love playing games or watching fantasies on television. Recently, a fascinating armadillo lizard was identified as one of the most remarkable creatures, also known as a mini-dragon due to its habit of curling up into a ball as a method of self-defense. Physically, the curled lizard has a prickly covering that symbolizes the world’s most distinctive and ludicrous reptile species.

Protecting itself from adverse conditions is made easier by the sharp and spiky armor. In the South African deserts, they tend to live in large groups by hiding in the crevices between rocks. These miniature dragons are unique in that they are the only reptiles that do not lay eggs, preferring instead to sunbathe. However, unlawful trafficking has led to a decline in the number of these little critters, putting them at risk.

The reason for this is that, despite their small size, they are incredibly easy to catch since they are so slow. To avoid detection, they come in a wide range of hues and sizes, from light yellowish-brown to a darker brown, in order to blend in with the desert landscape.

They can live for more than a decade and measure four inches when stretched. One or two offspring are born each year from this species, which feeds on termites as well as other invertebrates and does not produce eggs. Humans are the only thing that can harm them; otherwise, they pose no threat.

It’s a shame that they’re being exploited for illicit transit, but they’re actually terrific pets. As a result, in order for this species to flourish, it has to be protected.