Army Veteran Intervenes As Town Refuses To Assist Poor Eagle Hanging From A Tree

Over the course of two days, residents of Rush City, Minnesota observed a distressed bald eagle hanging 70 feet above the earth from a tree. Although many residents did not care about the bird’s predicament, some felt she was already deceased. However, Jason Galvin, an army veteran, realized he had to take action.

Jason recognized the bird was still alive after hours of observing her via binoculars. He decided to utilize his military expertise by using his weapon to free the bird. Jason was determined to aid the injured eagle, despite his neighbors’ repeated warnings of “compromised security measures” and “liability concerns.”

The sun was blazing when Jason approached the tree and aimed his rifle at the branch where the eagle was caught. Over the next several hours, Jason fired over 150 rounds in the same location on the branch. One good shot finally pierced the branch, causing the eagle to fall into the underbrush.

The eagle is currently recuperating at a nearby rescue facility. She was poetically named “Freedom” because Jason set her free on the Fourth of July! She will be returned to her natural habitat after she has fully recovered. What a miraculous rescue! Let’s spread the word and honor this valiant warrior!

A report on how the kind veteran rescued the bird can be viewed by clicking on the video link below.