Baby Elephant Adorably Looks For Girls ‘Trunk’

This juvenile elephant was transferred to an Indian wildlife rehabilitation center after falling into a 15-meter ditch on a tea plantation and being abandoned by its herd.

This newborn elephant, who now resides in a refuge with other elephants, grew enthralled and affectionate with a visitor. In a YouTube video of the event, the infant was attempting to determine whether this girl had a comparable trunk to its own.

The elephant uses its trunk to determine why the girl’s “trunk” is significantly shorter than its own in order to determine what’s wrong with her nose. As the elephant calves took the time to investigate something new, there was an abundance of poking.

The boy searches the girl’s face with its trunk for an elephant-like trunk, likely believing that the female has an oddly shaped trunk. Despite the absence of a trunk, the elephant continues to sniff around with its large nose in search of one.

Despite the elephant’s intrusive interest, the girl seemed to be enjoying herself during the “trunk” quest, as seen by her laughter. Despite this, the experience is one-of-a-kind, illustrating that elephants can sometimes be lovely and mischievous.