Baby goat trapped in an underground irrigation conduit miraculously freed thanks to the rescue team’s tireless efforts

A young goat was surprisingly rescued from an underground irrigation pipe in Arizona after three days of unrelenting efforts and constant attempts by this seasoned and devoted operating group. The young animal was just eight months old and was rescued solely due to the generosity of this group of rescuers.

On that particular day, the Arizona Human Society was told of the unfortunate catastrophe by a citizen who unexpectedly heard a goat screaming from beneath his land. When the team arrived, they realized the mission would be far more difficult and tough due to the baby’s fall into the 300-foot irrigation pipe.

The team brought a snake camera to explore the animal’s position and physical condition. However, this sophisticated and powerful piece of technology proved absolutely worthless. Due to a lack of time, the rescue team decided to dig in between the pipe’s entry points.

They eventually succeeded in seeing the young goat’s little head, despite their attempts and ambitions. Fortunately, the poor animal was roughly 5 feet from the pit, which allowed staff to reach the miserable creature and finally rescue the newborn goat.

The squad admitted they would not relinquish their mission until they achieved their objective of preserving the innocent baby’s life.

And here is the incredible rescue video!