Backstreet Boys Meet and Pose with Adoptable Nashville Puppies Named After the Boy Band

The Nashville Humane Association has given the names of the Backstreet Boys to five lovely 9- to 10-week-old shepherd mix puppies that are available for adoption.


The Nashville Humane Association’s adoptable puppies had a larger-than-life adventure when they met their namesakes, the Backstreet Boys.

On Monday, the Nashville Humane Association (NHA) announced on FB that it had just cooperated with all five Backstreet Boys on a photoshoot showcasing a litter of adoptable puppies bearing the group’s names.

The Tennessee shelter drew inspiration from the 1997 Backstreet Boys song “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” to announce the celebrity-studded picture session and adoption information for the puppies.

NHA posted on its FB page, “It’s time to throw your hands in the air and wag your tails like you just don’t care, because we’ve got some news for you!” “Allow us to introduce you to the Backstreet Boys litter from the Nashville Humane Association with their Backstreet Boys namesake!”


AJ McLean, Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell, and Kevin Richardson each had a dog from the NHA’s Backstreet Boys litter, described as “adorable 9-10-week-old shepherd mix shelter puppies,” named after them. According to the release, a sixth littermate was named Millenium in honor of the band’s 1999 studio album of the same name.

“Brian, Nick, AJ, Howie, and Kevin. Puppies + BSB. All Adorable, right? All of us at NHA are still in awe that this introduction took place, and we are so thrilled to share the news with you!” NHA’s FB announcement continued. Last week, when BSB were in town, these dogs were invited to see them AND assist them with a special production shot, as evidenced by the photographs in this post.


The animal organization stated, “We are so appreciative for this celebrity’s assistance in increasing adoption awareness for some lovely 9–10-week-old shepherd mix shelter puppies!”

Monday, the shelter announced that beginning Tuesday morning, four of the six puppies will be available for adoption. According to a FB announcement, AJ and Howie (the canines, not the Backstreet Boys members) will be ready for adoption later this week.

Backstreet Boys posing with puppies at the Nashville Humane Society

The Backstreet Boys performed in Nashville on September 8 and Memphis on September 9, according to the band’s website.

NHA posted on social media, “If there was ever a time to have 6 degrees of separation (plus unconditional love) from a Backstreet Boy… Now is your opportunity!” “And we’re all convinced you want it that way. Cause all of these pups guarantee that they’ll never break your heart.”

Tuesday, the Nashville Humane Association did not reply quickly to PEOPLE’s request for comment.