Beloved dog d.ies after fight with porcupine in New Jersey family’s backyard

A family in New Jersey is in grief after their dog was killed in a confrontation with a porcupine.

On September 2, Chester, a 9-year-old pit bull mix, fought an animal on the deck of his family’s home in Sussex County.

“I could hear him weeping and her yelling and screaming in the backyard,” property owner Brenda DeGenaro said.

When the altercation occurred, Miranda DeGennaro, age 22, had just let Chester out for the last time before retiring for the night.

His relatives discovered him covered in several quills on his face, chest, and stomach.

“He was attempting to remove them from his face. He was covered from head to toe and down his back, and he was crying as he attempted to remove them “DeGennaro stated.

Several quills were removed by veterinarians, but others into Chester’s organs, including his heart.

His family was required to bring him to a specialist.

DeGennaro stated, “Our dog is fierce, a very ferocious hunter.” They claim that they’ve never seen a case this severe because he was relentlessly attacking the victim.

Chester appeared to be recovering after undergoing emergency surgery, but he took a turn for the worst a few days later and d.ied on September 10.

“According to the veterinarian, she had his heart in her hand and was plucking out the quills,” DeGenaro explained.

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection states that it does not monitor the porcupine population in the state, but refers residents to a warning posted on wildlifehelp.org:

A website states, “Dogs never seem to learn to avoid them, so keep them confined or on a leash when porcupines are in the neighborhood.”

Miranda DeGenero remarked, “I had no idea how lethal they could be, nor was I aware that they exist in this region.” “I would hate for anyone to experience this since it is so terrible. Traumatizing.”