Bird Spotted Surprising His Mate With An Unexpected Gift

Richie and Rosie are a pair of California Bay Area-dwelling ospreys. Due to a webcam put near their nest as part of a project by Golden Gate Audubon, their day-to-day activities have been broadcast to the globe for the past few years.

The close-up footage has revealed a great deal about the natural behavior of this bird of prey, as well as a few surprises.


Richie and Rosie are caring for three eggs at the moment. To ensure their unhatched babies are adequately nurtured, the future parents have collaborated: While Rosie tends to the eggs, Richie goes in search of a supper for them to share.

As a competent hunter, he often brings Rosie a nice fish when he returns to the nest. However, on a recent excursion, he wanted to surprise her with a new type of catch.


This particular day, Richie brought a stuffed orange monkey doll to the nest.

Here’s the moment Richie surprised his girlfriend:


Was Rosie enchanted with the act? It’s difficult to say. Cindy Margulis, however, was the executive director of Golden Gate Audubon.

“The monkey was amusing. It continues to make us chuckle days later “She revealed to The Dodo. One of the pleasures of seeing wildlife is the surprises they bring.

Even the stuffed monkey appeared quite content.


A week has passed since the monkey’s arrival, and the last time we checked, he was still perched on the edge of the nest, mud-side up.


This is not the first time Richie has returned home with a man-made object; nonetheless, this is generally undesirable.

“Regarding the stuffed monkey, it is hilarious. However, it is rarely entertaining “Margulis said. “Numerous plastic items have been observed, including those that pose an entanglement hazard to ospreys or a suffocation hazard to their eggs. The majority of the man-made artifacts that ospreys collect are not at all amusing.”

Margulis thinks that this will serve as a reminder for people to be more conscientious about not littering, since doing so can represent a serious threat to animals — a valuable lesson imparted by none other than an orange monkey grinning.