73-year-old blind and deafness elephant cries tears of joy when she is freed

Some people still think that animals aren’t capable of feeling emotions or having feelings. It would definitely help them shape a better understanding and realize that animals are just as conscious as we are if they could see videos like the ones you are about to watch.

The touching rescue of an elephant that has spent most of its life in captivity, trapped in a small cage and without experiencing the feeling of freedom all animals are entitled to is shown in this clip.

A 73-year-old elephant named Sook-Jai was used mostly to trek tourists in the area. Thanks to the Save Elephant Foundation, the elephant was finally able to retire from all the hard work and be taken to an animal sanctuary.

She was able to experience what it feels like to live without restriction.

“Sook Jai’s life passed through the hands of a number of men. She moved from job to job and from one place to another, working relentlessly until falling down,:” the organization that rescued Sook-Jai wrote. “Sook Jai had the good fortune of being found by a caring soul who wanted to help to change her life. A peaceful life is hers now.”

The reaction of the elephant when it first sees what its new life will be is touching. You might want to grab a tissue for this one, because you are most likely not going to be able to hold back the tears.

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