Blind rescue dog got eye surgery and saw her owner for the first time

Sickness and illness are a part of life and unfortunately, many of us can prove how difficult it can be to live with them. However, it can be as difficult as it can be for us humans. It can be equally, if not more difficult for animals, especially dogs.

The cruel reality is; The poorer the health of a dog, the more significant the mental, physical and financial burden on the owner; that is why many people are abandoned or forgotten in shelters and streets.

Get some tissue because this story can make you move to tear.

 Olive’s story is not much different from the cases of straying from sickness; Alone and vulnerable, the Cocker Spaniel was found wandering the streets of Los Angeles suffering from severe cataracts that severely affected her eyesight.

Olive eye disease led to blindness. Although it can be easily treated, Olive was believed to have had the condition for at least three years, causing her to walk in the dark almost entirely from lack of medical attention.

The future only looked bleak for the puppy without a home or help.
That was until Holly Emmerson and her husband Bart crossed the street with a puppy they later named Olive (following the way they found her).

After deciding to adopted Olive and brought her home, Holly and Bart finally received Olive’s necessary treatment. Thinking about the first time Olive saw after her editing surgery, the couple described it as, “What an incredible moment to witness” and “the cutest thing ever!”

Olive met mom for the first time!

Unfortunately, shortly after her corrective surgery, Olive began to develop glaucoma, eventually leading to amputating both of her eyes.

Despite all the trials and tribulations, Olive lived her best life by the looks of things.

She is currently settling in Spain with Holly and Bart; and it seems Emmerson is just as enamored with her as herself, telling their YouTube followers;

“We are so grateful that she has been in our lives because every day, she brings so much joy and love into our house. It wouldn’t have been without her.”

A roller coaster event that ends with a happy ending

Olive has experienced the world and all its miracles alive and in the flesh, even if it only lasted for a short while. She is still loved and lives a happy life.