Blind staffie has his own “guide dog” who never leaves his side and helps him explore the world

From the moment he was born, this adorable Staffordshire bull terrier’s life was struggling to survive. Born without eyesight, Amos was unable to have a family or even make friends. Because of his kindness, Toby was given a permanent home and even a “guide dog” in the form of his best friend, Toby.

His life has been transformed since one of Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service’s volunteers volunteered to take care of him. As a lifelong animal lover, Jess Martin instantly fell in love when she first saw this sweet spirit. Jess chose to foster him in the interim until he could find a permanent home because he was being ignored by others due to his disability, which was blindness. Instead of a short-term stay, this became a long-term commitment.

On the other hand, Jess was more concerned about how her dog, Toby, would react to the new member of the family. Jess, on the other hand, had no idea how well the two of them would get along. Toby not only welcomed Amos into his home, but he also transformed himself into a canine eyewitness, assisting his brother in his quest to find the water bowl and learn more about the world.

Considering it would be difficult to find an owner for Amos, we decided to foster him in February of last year while he was receiving medical treatment. However, after a while, Jess realized she would never give him back. “At first, Toby barked at him a few times, but after a few days, I noticed that Amos couldn’t reach his water bowl, and Toby prodded him and helped him out.”

Toby and Amos’s friendship is flourishing, despite Amos’s inability to make friends with other dogs. Toby means more to Amos than just a friend. He serves as a companion, a protector, a mother, and a brother all at once. Dogs are naturally protective of their best friends, and this tiny one is no exception. After helping Amos find his water bawl, Toby is now helping him explore the world as well.

The other dogs avoid Amos since he can’t interact in the same way as them, so he has no other buddies, according to Jess. “But Toby’s always there to protect him – we call him his bodyguard.”

On Instagram, you can learn more about Amos and Toby’s incredible journey.