Bobcat climbs a 40-foot-tall cactus in the Arizona Desert, to escape a mountain lion

There is nothing that can stop you when you are running for your life. This isn’t even close to being a prickly cactus. It was a bobcat on the verge of becoming a mountain lion’s dinner.

In Arizona’s Sonoran Desert, the Giant Saguaro Cactus was the scene of a wildlife drama. A location well-known for its ancient cacti, some of which are more than three hundred years old. It goes without saying that their spikes, which can grow to a length of up to two inches, are quite long. The bobcat somehow managed to climb a 40 foot tall plant despite all of these obstacles. Curt Fonger, a 69-year-old photographer, thankfully photographed the entire incident.

In the early hours of the morning, a coworker reported seeing a mountain lion chasing down and killing what seemed to be a bobcat. When it rushed in front of his car, it climbed a giant Saguaro Cactus on the side of the road, and the lion was right behind it. “It didn’t go after the bobcat, but it circled around the cactus,” he claimed the lion did.

A few seconds later, it turned around and trotted back to where it had come from, growling numerous times. ” The bobcat had intruded into the mountain lion’s territory, and she chased after it to warn it not to approach her small brood. The photographer was surprised to see the bobcat perched on such a high, spiky perch.

The animal, at some time, began to appreciate the scenery. The time he spent there, though, was at least six hours, according to Curt, before he felt comfortable walking on the land again.

In spite of the fact that bobcats often manage to flee big predators, it is quite rare to witness this firsthand.” The cactus’s base had just claw marks when Curt examined it after the bobcat left, he added.

Watch this amazing video here.