Border Collie and Husky Competed in an Agility Championship, and Their Differences were Interesting

Border collie and husky are both common names for the most beloved family dog ​​breeds in this world, but these lovable creatures are definitely not the same. Border collie is known to be the smartest dog breed on Earth.

They are very agile, intelligent, determined, obedient, and easy to train. In contrast, Huskies are often stubborn troublemakers in the family. Although they are all intelligent dogs, their nature is not to follow human rules.

Meet Fame and Lobo – two brightest competitors at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show held in New York City, USA. Both of them nailed their performances, but in entirely different ways. Fame the border collie was lightning fast and focused; she handled the competition brilliantly without making a single mistake. Without a doubt, this girl was born to be a dog athlete.

And you know, this beautiful girl was named the winner of the 2018 WKC Masters Agility Championship with the help of her fantastic host and trainer, Jessica Ajoux.

Meanwhile, Siberian husky Lobo was hilariously off course, but his performance was nothing short of exciting. The boy started quite well but then quickly lost interest and began to explore things around instead. What an adorable puppy! Anyway, the boy finally finished the course, and at the same time, he was ambitious and careless.

Although Lobo failed the test, he ultimately won the hearts of so many people. And the fact that he’s even there was remarkable enough. If you happen to own one or several huskies, you certainly know how difficult it is to get these dogs to listen to what we have to say. It can be said that his manager Alan Davis has done an excellent job coaching this lovely boy.

So which one is your favorite? Both? Alright, got it. Don’t forget to share this funny video with your loved ones!