Boy, 13, raises £10,000 spending 542 nights in a row sleeping in a tent

Ashley, 13, is raising money for a cause close to his heart (Picture: Instagram/Ashley’s Sleep Out to Help Out)

A teen who slept outside in a tent for 542 nights raised more than £10,000 for dogs in need in Romania.

Ashley, who is 13 and from Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, was inspired to do this brave thing by Max Woosey, who slept in a tent for two years to raise £700,000.

The teenager wants to raise £30,000, which he hopes will be used to help rescue dogs in need.

Ashley is now used to living outside, and he told the BBC that he “couldn’t imagine” going back to his bed.

When he slept outside for the first time, he thought it was “really fun,” so he decided to do it again.

After sleeping outside for a month, he decided to raise money for a good cause.

The brave person slept outside on his first night when it was -7°C. To stay warm, he cuddled up with his dog Bertie.

He said, “I’m having a great time, but sometimes the rain hits me in the head and Bertie is wriggling around, but I’m going to try to reach my goal of £30,000 to build a shelter for dogs.”

Ashley decided to raise money for charity after a month of sleeping in the great outdoors (Picture: Instagram/Ashley’s Sleep Out to Help Out)

Many nights, Ashley is joined by all his pet dogs in the tent (Picture: Instagram/Ashley’s Sleep Out to Help Out)

Ashley hopes to smash his £10,000 target and raise £30,000 (Picture: Instagram/Ashley’s Sleep Out to Help Out)

The fact that his family often took in dogs as fosters led him to choose Paws2Rescue as a charity.

Even one puppy from Cyprus was saved by them.

Ashley also told the BBC, “We’ve been fostering dogs for the past seven years, and I’ve grown to care a lot about them. I love dogs so much.”

“We have a Jack Russell named Jack who is 18 years old, a Springer Spaniel named Bertie, and a Segugio Italiano named Lucia that we rescued from Cyprus while we were on vacation.”

Ashley’s efforts have now gotten some of his friends to try similar things. After going to his birthday party, one of his friends decided to sleep outside for a month.