Brave man jumps into ice water to save deer with bucket stuck on its head

When a poor deer was in the most perilous condition, a heroic guy jumped into the frigid water to rescue her life. While swimming in Long Island Sound in New York City with a paint can on her head and losing hope of making it to shore, a good Samaritan stepped in and rescued the day for the animal. On the Internet, the quick-thinking man has been acclaimed as a hero for his heroic rescue.

YouTube/The Dodo

When a Long Island animal rescue facility received a phone call from a concerned citizen, the president of the center, Frankie Floridia, rushed over to see the despairing deer. He quickly recognized that he had to act quickly if he wanted to save the deer.

YouTube/The Dodo

Due to the bucket she had attached to her head, the animal was unable to see anything in the water and was trying to keep her balance. That’s when Frankie realized he only had two choices. As an option, he can either remove the bucket from the water or bring it to shore. Whatever the case, the rescue was anything but simple.

“I noticed her [the deer] swimming around in circles. I removed my boots and entered the water. “It was ice cold, but I knew I needed to move quickly because of the crucial circumstance,” Frankie recounted to THE DODO. “If the bucket had filled with water, it would have held her head down and she would have drowned.”

YouTube/The Dodo

As soon as Frankie jumped into the water, the terrified deer began swimming away from him, making it nearly impossible for him to grab her and bring her to land. Fortunately, a kind stranger on a boat saw him and sped to his aid.

Their efforts to remove the can were minimal as they approached the bewildered animal. In the end, Frankie was able to liberate the animal, but the deer was still swimming in circles, despite Frankie’s being able to see it. So, Frankie came up with a new plan.

YouTube/The Dodo

When the man said he grabbed her, she didn’t seem to believe him. “The deer appeared to be in a really relaxed state of mind. In my palms, I could feel the beat of her heart. “

This is how Frankie got the deer to the coast, and then she got lost in the woods! Thanks to these dedicated individuals, she has been given a second chance. Heroes, thank you!

Here’s where you can see the dramatic rescue:

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