Brave stray dog ​​pulls the dying woman out of a car accident and pulls her over 100 Ft to find help

When Shannon Lorio got into the car on the evening of January 26, she had just quarreled with her husband and wanted some space. But what meant a short drive to blow some air away became a dangerous situation that would have her fighting for her own life.

Shannon lost control of her vehicle while speeding a long stretch of Georgia’s black mountain peak known as the ‘Nascar Road.’ The road where drivers tend to slow down because of the long-distance and little traffic is usually no incident, but Shannon crashed with high emotions and unstable weather conditions.

 Speaking of the incident in an interview found below, Lorio recalled;

“I was angry, and I was speeding. I turned on a windy and curvy road, getting into the first turn with no problems – but when I entered the second turn, the car had a tail. It took me out of the driver’s seat and threw me out of the back glass.

The collision left Shannon unconscious, causing her to bleed a lot and extremely painful when she arrived.

She knew that she needed help. However, her injuries kept her from moving.

Shannon needed a miracle. And that’s what she got when she opened her eyes after fainting again and found herself swooned by a German Shepard – who is quite fittingly dubbed a Hero.

Hero came to save the day.

“I don’t know how long I went out before coming, but I remember coming here. I felt this enormous presence. I don’t know if he was going around. I don’t know if he’ll go back to his original owner. But he walked past me, and thanks to God, he did. “Sharon said in the interview.

Thank God! Knowing that Shannon needed help, Hero refused to leave her until he brought her to safety.

“My face bled, and he started licking my face. And the next time I arrived, he made me turn around, and half get out of the car. He pulled me out of the car in the back. She recounted

Hero, committed and strong, ends up pulling Sharon with her T-shirt out of the damaged car and then onto the curb where passers-by can easily see her.

Knowing she still could not see, Miss Shannon put her arms around Heros’s neck and tried to lift herself. Finally, Shannon was able to mark someone driving the pass, who immediately called an ambulance and her husband.

In the end, the danger could not be avoided. It was only until she was hospitalized that the severity of the wound could be seen.

Shannon suffered from intracranial brain hemorrhage and would most likely lose his life. Instead, doctors could bring Shannon home to recover from a short stay in the hospital, all because of his heroic actions. Heros!

Talking about the importance of what the Hero has done for her, Shannon told her interviewer;

“This dog, it did everything, and it is such a wonderful animal, it is. If he hadn’t saved me, I wouldn’t be here today. ”

So what happened to Hero then?

After saving Shannons’ life, Hero was adopted by good people at the Humane Association. And he was quickly adopted by Heidy Drawdy, a dog search and rescue coach who also owned the Thomasville unit of South Georgia Search Dog Inc.
He is currently being trained to rescue the wilderness, and we have no doubt in mind that he has all it takes to save the day. What a good boy!

Watch the incredible video: