Brave teenager fights mother bear to try to save her dog’s life

Dog parents will do anything to keep their furry babies safe. Even if their dogs run on a busy street, most pet owners won’t think about chasing them down the street.

Similarly, this is what happened to Hailey, a 17-year-old girl, when she saw a big fat bear cross their backyard fence towards her four dogs!

Hailey and her family were having a good time chatting and having fun together at a gathering when they were interrupted by the loud barking of Hailey’s four dogs.

They thought the puppies were just barking at another dog, as usual. But, when they found out, none of their guesses were correct. It was beyond their expectations.

A mother bear and her two cubs climbed the family fence in their backyard.

Four dogs are seen running towards the bear in the video as it walks over a narrow, steep fence with her two cubs.

At first, they didn’t seem to do any harm when the dogs saw them and started barking, the bear pawing the larger dog while trying to protect her cubs. Finally, the bear tried to grab Hailey’s small dog, Valentina.

The brave act Hailey did save her dog’s life.

The loud noise caused by the commotion in the backyard frightened everyone present, especially Hailey. Without a doubt, she rushed over to the bear still on the fence and pushed it away. The bear flipped over, leaving the other dogs unharmed!

She wasn’t even afraid to shove the bear off the fence! No sign of fear. What a brave woman!

“I go over to the bear, I look it in the eyes, and the first thing I think to do is push it away,” Hailey said. “Push a bear. Push an apex predator. And honestly, I don’t think I pushed her that hard. I just pushed her enough to make her lose her balance.”

Bear attacks on humans are rare, but when encountering bears, be careful.


Hailey’s family has seen bears near their home, but they have never been close to them before. That day was the first time they witnessed a bear just a distance away.

Although Hailey’s quick decision saved her dogs from the wild bear, her mother, CitLally Morinico, and Hailey herself said that although her tactics worked, they don’t advise anyone else to follow what she did.

“Don’t push the bear. Don’t do what I did; you probably won’t have the same outcome.” – Hailey.

The viral video of Hailey pushing her mother bear off the fence to protect her dogs has earned respect from all dog lovers worldwide.

However, they saw her as a hero; it’s important to note that Hailey’s actions could put herself in danger and have ended very badly if it hadn’t turned out that way. If you encounter a bear yourself, be smart about it. Follow these tips given by the National Park Service to protect you and your family.

Check out the video of the incredible encounter below!

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