Brave Youngsters Dive Into The Muck To Save An Exhausted Kangaroo

Two brave kids from Australia have been hailed as heroes after saving a kangaroo, which had become trapped in a deep mud pit. The animal battled to escape, the two lads saw it just in time and hurried to rescue the day!

Jack Donnelly and Nick Heath, both 19, were riding their motorcycles in the woods outside of Sydney when they came upon a desperate kangaroo stranded in muck not far from the Nepean River.

The unfortunate animal’s situation was deteriorating, and it could hardly keep its head above water. The teenagers rushed to assist it- but this rescue would not be an easy one!

“I first noticed the while riding in the bush with Nick, and I saw this head poking out of the muck,” Jack told TODAY. “The roo’s life was essential to us, therefore we risked our lives to get it.” We believe he was looking for water there, but it was really muddy, and he became trapped. It’s a patriotic gesture, and we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished. We’ll do it all over again if we see something like that.”

Credit: YouTube/VIRALHOG

The guys used a rope to pull the stranded kangaroo out of the muck, and after that it took them just a few hours to rescue it.

But the tired animal needed more assistance, so the teenagers contacted WIRES Australian Wildlife Rescue.

A rescue team arrived shortly after the terrified roo was seen, and took care of it. They had to tranquilize it at first to wipe its dirt covering off before being able to touch it.

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