Broken Poodle showed her rescuer with emotional kisses

Dogs are wonderful creatures with loving hearts. They always know the exact way to drown people in feelings and emotions. Even when they are hurt or upset, they do not forget to show us the love that comes from the bottom of their hearts.

Meet Layla, an adorable poodle that can warm anyone’s soul. She used to be a stray dog, ​​spending most of her time wandering the streets hopelessly until she was hit by a car – only to meet the coolest people on Earth!

Right after hearing about the accident, Rescue From The Hart founder Annie Hart and Hope For Paw founder Eldad Hagar immediately reached out to save the poor baby. They quickly found her on the side of the road, shivering and all alone. As they approached Layla, she was nervously shaking with pain, covered in dirt and dried leaves, so scared that she couldn’t move.

Annie knew right away that she had to be patient with this poor girl. She quietly sat down next to her, gently petted and comforted her. As she began to gain her trust, Annie slowly ties a leash around her, making sure she won’t scare the puppy away.

As Annie tenderly picked up baby Layla, the trembling poodle did something that brought this kind woman to tears: she showered the rescuer with kisses as if telling Annie about love and affection her gratitude. It was an overwhelming moment that Annie Hart will never forget for the rest of her life.

Even though Annie could be there with Layla forever, she still knew that the dog is in bad shape and needed to be taken to the vet clinic ASAP.

Layla’s health was awful. She had to stay there for about two weeks to fix her problems. But the good news was that they found her a wonderful foster family during that difficult time, and her adoptive parents visited Layla daily to cheer her up.

Layla was then taken to her own permanent home, where she was introduced to her three-legged brother Watson. The two have lived a fascinating life with their mother ever since.

Five years later and she’s still doing great:

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