Camera Captures The Moment A Woman Finds Her Dog After A Tornado

Many people are still reeling from last weekend’s devastating tornado that claimed dozens of lives and upended countless more across the region.

While the full scale of the disaster is still unfolding, some stories have begun to emerge showing that, despite the tragedy, there’s still hope.

Dutch journalist Lucas Waagmeester encountered a woman on the rubble-lined streets while he was on the ground in Mayfield this week. Her home had been lifted and moved by the tornado, but on her mind at that moment was her dog, Nola, who had disappeared when it happened.

Though her search may have seemed impossible, it was not.

In a touching moment caught on film, the woman and Nola were tearfully reunited:

There was a priceless piece that had been put back together after so much destruction.

With any luck, similar happy scenes will be experienced by other tornado victims whose beloved pets have gone missing.