Camera Catches Clever Dogs Teaming Up To Rob A Toy Store

It was a daring burglary.

In the Turkish city of Bodrum, there are a variety of eateries and businesses located in the outdoor Oasis Mall. The toy shop, Armaan, is one of them.

Additionally, it’s where a recent, adorable organized crime occurred.


A security camera at the toy store recently recorded a group of canines arriving at the store’s front door after clearly making it to their objective. Shortly later, the apparent ringleader of the canine cabal crept inside as his two accomplices waited outside.

Then they appeared to have planned and coordinated their attack.

One of the dogs outside entered the house, seemingly to divert attention. The ringleader dog then seized a doll from the store’s shelf as the remaining pup stood watch at the door. They all quickly escaped with the stolen things after that.

The group is seen in the following video:

Although stealing is generally not a nice thing, this particular theft was really exciting.

What exactly did the dogs take? a plush dog doll that looks like:


Employee Faruk Can stated that the dogs have targeted the store before in an interview following the heist. However, in the past, they were chased off before they could flee with any goods.

This time, the puppies awaited the ideal opportunity to attack.

We were interacting with a customer on that particular occasion, Can stated.

The theft cost the business $20, which is not a small sum. However, judging by the smile on Can’s face as he recounted the event, he was more impressed than upset with the dogs.

Despite their criminal activity, they are still good lads and girls.