Camera Catches Hero Pit Bull Saving Her Friend From Drowning In Pool

She made no hesitations.

A supportive friend can make all the difference in the world.

Just ask Pulma, a little Chihuahua.


The other day, Pulma was playing with his canine siblings at his Brazilian home when a small error nearly turned into a major catastrophe.

Pulma stumbled and fell into the pool while sniffing about outside his family’s home. He tried his best to paddle with his little paws, but it soon became apparent that he was unable to escape on his own. Pulma might have drowned.

But suddenly a hero showed up. It was Athena, a pit bull friend of Pulma’s.

Here is a video of that incident:

Athena had come to the rescue.

The owners of the pets were there at the moment. When they heard splashing and hurried outdoors, they found Athena had already saved Pulma. When Pulma was being removed from the pool, owner Janaina Leite initially feared that Athena’s hold could be too tight, but when she let go of the puppy, he came out frightened but unharmed.

“I was really scared. Leite told The Dodo that Pulma was spared owing to her and God. “Athena loves her siblings dearly and guards them fiercely. She is incredibly unique.


Leite wants to do more, but Athena’s sense for love and protection had already prevented catastrophe. She still intends to take precautions to prevent another accident even though this was the first time one of the dogs had fallen into the pool.

We are considering adding some security to the pool, she continued. “This won’t happen again for sure. We adore our furry friends.

And they genuinely love one another, as Athena’s acts show.