Camera Catches Nice Woman Stopping To Show Stray Dogs That They Matter, Too

This surveillance camera may have been put up at the entrance of an office building in Georgia to protect against crime, but it recently caught something very different.

It caught a moment of love at its most pure.


Several stray dogs live on the street in front of the office building, but they didn’t choose that spot by chance. Nino Tabatadze, one of the workers there, has taken care of the puppies on her own for the past few years.


Tabatadze told The Dodo, “I give them food and water.” “I become their friend.”

In short, she shows them that they are important too, and this video of Tabatadze going to work shows that the dogs couldn’t be happier to know that:

This footage is, of course, just a real-life example of how close Tabatadze has become with dogs who might not have any other friends.

The puppies are eager to share this bond.

Tabatadze said, “They are very loving and warm.”

The strays have a friend in Tabatadze. But for her, the fact that they are cared for is reward enough.

Tabatadze said, “Being friends with them makes me very happy.” “They give light to the soul and warm it.”