Caracals are adorable kitties that you can fall in love with without a second thought

This untamed creature with strange eyes is endearing. And it’s rare that anyone recognizes him. After all, the majority of attention is typically directed toward lions, tigers, and leopards.

However, among felines, there are equally remarkable and gorgeous animals who deserve just as much attention.

This charming predator, a little larger than a cat and adorned with delicate tassels on the ears, will win anyone’s heart. Not unexpectedly, this desert cat was a tamed predator in its natural habitat.

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen! This is an example of a caracal.

Although some believe it is a lynx, it is not. The caracal is more compact, thinner, and solid in color. They are a gorgeous shade of red, ranging from pale beige to vivid red depending on their habitat.

Their moniker is derived from the Turkish phrase “karakulak,” which literally translates as “black ears.” Caracals make their homes in trees or burrows dug by themselves while nursing their young.

Caracals feed on rabbits, rodents, and birds. The belief that caracals can survive for extended periods of time without water is not totally accurate. They obtain liquids through food.

Due to their high activity levels at dawn and dusk, these creatures were taught and utilized as hunting animals in ancient Iran and India.