Cat hops onto lap of girl in wheelchair and chooses her to be ‘his family’

Richey and his new family were destined to be together.

Kiley and Richey didn’t initially appear to have much of a chance of finding companionship.

However, some people are destined to exist.

Richey was not terrified of Kiley’s motorized wheelchair, unlike the majority of cats.

He gained courage while living on the streets and also appeared to have lived in a home, making him the ideal match for Kiley.

Chris Poole, a cat rescuer, saw the white cat in a wild colony he feeds.

The cat with blue eyes was a frequent visitor to the colony feeding place.

Poole said in the YouTube video’s description, “He was ALWAYS hungry and was probably owned at some point.” I suspect his owners abandoned him when they moved out of the apartment complex.

Poole began conversing with the cat and discovered that he would respond.

The cat ultimately permitted Poole to pet him when he was given catnip.

Poole determined that Richey would make an excellent rescue cat, so he coaxed him into a carrier with catnip and took him to the veterinarian.

Richey was named, microchipped, and sterilized. When he was placed with Suncoast Animal League, it was determined that Richey had a very soft body.

He desired nothing more than to be petted and cuddled all day long.

He was fairly vocal as well. Richey had successfully acclimated to being an indoor cat and was ready for adoption.

Suncoast Animal League administrator Larissa Condarcure discovered the ideal match for Richey.

A few months ago, Lori Griggs and her daughter Kiley arrived at the shelter.

Despite visiting various shelters, they were unable to find a cat that was not terrified of her motorized wheelchair until today.

Richey instantly jumped onto Kiley’s lap when the two were initially introduced.

Kiley could not have been any happier.

He did not even flinch when the wheelchair was brought up. He jumped into her lap and settled in.

“He does not care that she drives around the home. “In fact, he acts like a speed bump and refuses to move out of the way,” Griggs remarked. When we opened his cat container on our daughter’s bed, he immediately climbed upon her and began purring.

Richey enjoys being a lap cat in his new home tremendously. He is basically inseparable from Kiley.

“It’s as though he’s been a member of the family ever since he arrived. “As she completes her studies in her wheelchair, he sits on her lap and cuddles her throughout the day,” added Griggs. “Because I work from home and our daughter is homeschooled, he receives a great deal of attention during the day, every day. There is an excess of adorableness here!”

Observe below as Richey and Kiley’s amazing friendship develops.

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