Cat keeps six kittens with her in the vehicle yard until assistance arrives, ensuring that no one is left behind

Best Friends Felines (BFF, an animal rescue organization based in Brisbane, Australia) was contacted earlier this month regarding a mother cat and her six kittens discovered in an industrial container at a car yard.

“How long she was in there is unknown, but she was really emaciated beneath her fluff,” Nikki of BFF told Love Meow. They rushed the family of seven to the veterinarian for evaluation.

Aurora, the cat mother, was starving due to a lack of food sources while attempting to feed six hungry mouths. She spent the entire time in the bin nursing and caring for her kittens.

Aurora arrived at the scene of the rescue frail and fatigued. “While she was frighteningly slender, she presented with difficulty walking on her back legs. We desired a thorough examination of her and her infants.”

When she was given a full bowl of food, the mama cat was overjoyed and scarfed it down as if there was no tomorrow. After a hard ordeal, she could finally rest assured that her family was secure.

Aurora regained strength in her legs after eating some nutritious food and resting in a warm, cozy nest. In the days that followed, she regained the strength to stand on all fours and resume walking.

When a foster carer enters the room to assist her, she is overjoyed to receive some affection and pets.

Aurora is overjoyed to have a roof over her head and an abundance of food available to her. She is an excellent mother to her six puppies, constantly ensuring their bellies are full and their coats are clean.

Five grey kittens and one grey and white kitten were able to open their eyes in the safety of their new home. They began to squirm and locate their feet as they grew larger.

« Aurora is really settling into human life inside. She absolutely loves attention and actively seeks out her humans for cuddles. She definitely benefits from the good food she’s getting as her coat has already become more silky,” Nikki shared with Love Meow.

Under the watchful eye of their adoring mother, the kittens are already learning to walk and honing their gait.

“Everyone is now up and about, examining their surroundings. They’ve begun playing together, which is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.”

As of late, Aurora has begun taking more time away from her six companions to spend time with her family.

The lovely cat has earned her place as the focus of attention after surviving the outdoors with her offspring.

In the mornings, she greets her humans with the loveliest purrs and leaps into their bed for cuddling. Aurora now strolls around the home with her tail raised high, unconcerned about anything.

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