Cat Man Chris and Rescuers Join Forces to Save Abandoned Kittens

Two abandoned kittens, Ginny and Emmy, were saved by Cat Man Chris and rescuers from Tiny Paws Fosters. The adorable pair are looking for a forever home for the holidays.

A small and beautiful ginger kitten, Ginny, a 6-7 week old was found in late October. She was part of a colony of cats that were fed by a kind person. All the females were spayed, which is part of the ongoing TNR program created by Cat Man Chris.

A kitten was found alone, with no mother or siblings in sight. Perhaps someone abandoned her, thinking she would make it on her own with the other feral cats.

Chris worked with the woman to set traps in an attempt to catch Ginny. The kitten was scared and didn’t want to be captured. One day, Ginny let her guard down and the woman caught her by hand. Chris brought the kitten to the foster care facility. Thankfully, Nadija from Tiny Paws Fosters agreed to take in a foster child.

Ginny via Cat Man Chris

The kitten was afraid, but she realized she was safe. She began to make progress as she realized she was loved.

Emmy Hides in the Rocks Under a Bridge

Tiny Paws Fosters learned about another kitten, later named Emmy, “screaming [her] heart out by a river.” So, the group drove to the Hillsborough River and found her by the bridge that day. The weather was unusually cold and windy for Tampa.

After the night had passed, the two tried everything they could to coax a scared Emmy from her hiding place. She was impossible to reach and hard to see, but they were determined.

The team tried an experiment. They played YouTube videos of other kittens meowing, and the kitten responded! They also tried meowing themselves, and the kitten responded!

Cat Man Chris films Emmy peeking out from her hiding place in the rocks

After three hours, they were devastated to find that Emmy did not come out from under the large rocks. But they didn’t give up. They set traps with tuna fish and planned to return a fourth time.

A group of volunteers from the local aquarium were planting in the river bed when Cat Man Chris showed up the next day. The rocks along the river wall were where they had heard Emmy meowing. There was a group of people trying to get to the kitten. She was even more nervous because of the commotion. Chris decided to come back later in the day, hoping the kitten would be more active.

Cat Man Chris Goes into ‘Stealth Mode’

That evening, Chris arrived before her husband and Nadija.

“I was worried the kitten had been spooked and ran off, but I finally located him from his meows,” Chris says. “It was so cold I didn’t think he’d move from the shelter of the rocks.”

Bridge where Emmy was hiding in the rocks

Chris went into “stealth mode” to observe the cat’s behavior before he left a tin of food. He played sounds of meowing kittens on YouTube to attract the kitty.

“Finally, she appeared and started eating, and I was able to grab her by hand and get her in a carrier!” Chris said. 

After Chris calmed her down, Emmy was very scared. Chris talked softly to her as he put her into a crate. Next, Chris took Emmy to meet Ginny, who would soon become Emmy’s best friend.

“Nadija was pretty sure she got dumped since we never saw any other cats, and it was such an odd place for a kitten to be,” Chris said.

Once Emmy was placed in her foster home, she warmed up quickly, leaving behind the trauma of her ordeal under the bridge.

“Emmy soon got friendly when she had food and was in a nice warm home,” Chris said. “It took her a couple of days of sleeping, eating, using the litter box and then sleeping again to recover a bit and start showing interest in her toys!”

Tiny Paws Fosters said that Emmy became super sweet. She is described as a sweetheart who loves snuggling, meows for attention and loves other cats.

Emmy also “loves to explore and swish her tail around when she’s happy.” She also enjoyed exploring and playing with her many new toys.

Ginny and Emmy are very close to each other at Tiny Paws Fosters. Cat Man Chris is hoping the two of them find their forever homes together.

“They’re both going to be available for adoption soon, wouldn’t it be AMEOWZING if they were adopted together for the holidays!?” 

If you want to add two incredibly cute kittens to your family, visit this website: http://animalluvrs.org/. At the time of this writing, they are on Petfinder.

It is easier to adopt a pair of kittens than it is to care for a single fur baby. They can work out their kitten energy with one another, as they share a lifetime of wonderful experiences.

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