Cat Sees Little Boy Having A Meltdown — And Knows Exactly What To Do

Everything has changed because to this cat.

Everyone needs a companion in life who will be there for them when they need them the most, a friend through thick and thin.

Jayden Denton made a new companion in the form of Kitty, a cute gray cat.


Jayden, a kid with special needs, occasionally experiences sensory meltdowns because he is prone to feeling overwhelmed. For Jayden, it might occasionally be challenging to connect with others.

Jayden’s mother Tonya Denton told The Dodo that her son suffers sensory processing disorder in addition to other problems. “He suffers outbursts of crying and is inconsolable when he is overloaded or doesn’t comprehend.”

That is, until Kitty was saved by his family.


The majority of the time, Kitty seems to be a very typical cat: lively, inquisitive, and not averse to fits of rowdy disobedience. But Jayden’s mother soon learned about Kitty from a whole new angle.

It turned out that Jayden needed the cat the most during his most difficult times. When Jayden’s emotions run high, Kitty is the exact opposite of scared away.

Tonya remarked, “We started noticing Kitty usually running over to him during breakdowns. “When he has a meltdown, Kitty licks his head to calm Jayden down. Only by doing this has Jayden been able to relax.”

The family of Jayden had made every effort to make him feel at ease in those situations. But nothing has ever performed as well as Kitty.

Everything has changed because of this cat, Tonya stated. “It’s not just wonderful, but extraordinary, to witness such a crazy cat come to him in his times of need to see their link as his mother,” the author said.

It seemed to be fated to be.


Jayden benefits from the cat’s presence in his life in ways other than just during the most difficult periods. He seems to feel more grounded in a world that could otherwise feel isolated just by having Kitty around.

It’s like they can understand each other, Tonya remarked, adding that Kitty makes her kid happy. It makes me happy to know that my son has a best friend.