Cat Stars In Hilarious Remake Of Iconic T. Rex Scene From ‘Jurassic Park’

Um, life finds a way.

And so does Tibo Charroppin when it comes to placing his beloved cat, Lizzy, into iconic movie scenes.

The outcome is funny.


Charroppin and Lizzy are the driving forces behind OwlKitty, a website that specializes in exquisitely made cat films. OwlKitty excels at editing Lizzy into footage from classic films.

In OwlKitty’s most recent production, Lizzy plays the lead role in a memorable scene from “Jurassic Park.”

And she really nailed it:

The following film was produced over the course of two months, involving careful editing and, of course, plenty of treats for Lizzy. (OwlKitty intends to share behind-the-scenes film depicting the clip’s production)

“The rainy T. rex scene was something I had wanted to perform for some time, but it always seemed difficult. “It was challenging to maneuver around the rain and the smoke from the flare while removing the dinosaur,” Charroppin told The Dodo. Surprisingly, however, persuading Lizzy to perform was the easiest part.

Similar to Lizzy’s character in the “Jurassic Park” sequence, she enjoys munchies.

“She is so inspired by FOOD,” Charroppin remarked.