Chubby Bulldog On Diet Finishes Food, Throws A Fit When Mom Won’t Give Him More

Cashew, the French Bulldog, is a foodie… but perhaps a tad bit too much so.

When he completed his meal, he immediately asked for more. He has no idea, however, that he is obese and should not be eating as much as he would want.

As soon as Cashew’s owner explained to him that he had already eaten and thus wasn’t hungry, he snapped. Wallowing in self-pity led to a full-blown tantrum.

No matter how many times his owner reminded him, it was evident that he didn’t want to wait until supper to obtain more food.

In a show of defiance, he turns around and screams at his handler.

When Cashew’s mother asks him if he’d like an alternative snack, like an ice cube, he tilts his head and goes extremely silent. He appears to understand exactly what his mother was trying to say.

Despite Cashew’s displeasure with his mother, I suppose they were able to come to terms over an ice cream cone. After lunch, Cashew will have to wait until supper time for his next meal!

Have a laugh at the following video: