Chubby Squirrel Is Full Of Seeds And Regret After Getting Stuck In Bird Feeder

This fat, food-loving squirrel seemingly never denies his stomach what it desires.

However, this has left him in quite a pickle.

Recently, RSPCA rescuers in England were dispatched to the scene of the squirrel’s clandestine snacking dilemma.

Evidently, the squirrel-like local decided to gorge himself on the contents of a “squirrel-proof” bird feeder. Unfortunately, he was unable to flee the scene of the crime due to his excessive weight.

By that time, the squirrel was stuffed with both stolen nuts and, judging by its expression, regret.

Thankfully, he was not trapped for too long.

The rescuer used wire cutters to delicately cut the bars of the squirrel’s self-made jail. The squirrel observed helplessly, maybe pondering how his appetite had led him into such a precarious situation.

The RSPCA reported that the squirrel and his full belly were eventually freed from the location safely:

“We were fortunate enough to be able to set him free with only his pride injured!”