Clever Dog Rides Bus Alone To Surprise His Mom At Work

A perfect traveler, he

Denver, a cunning dog, is undoubtedly becoming well-known in the Ecuadorian city of Guayaquil. And with good cause.

Denver has apparently mastered the use of his local public transportation system.

Denver has only become braver and more daring since being adopted by his mother, Gladys Shigla, who owns a pet supply store, last year. Though he first restricted his exploration to the area surrounding their house, he has recently become aware of the world beyond.

and the precise directions.

Denver started following one of his family’s neighbors one day as she walked to a bus stop leading into town as he was out and about, according to the news source Expreso. She boarded the bus when it arrived, and Denver followed suit.

The neighbor chose to disembark the bus in front of Denver’s mother’s store in order to transfer the puppy to Shigla for storage because the bus they were on just so happened to pass by.

Despite the fact that it may have started off as a chance trip, Denver was clearly collecting notes. Days later, Denver took the bus there by himself to surprise his mother because he knew how to get there now.

Here is a clip of Denver at work:

Denver traveling so far to see Shigla alone must have been as quite a pleasant surprise during that initial visit. However, it wouldn’t be his final.

Now that Denver has boarded, it has sort of become a ritual, and the bus drivers along the route are aware to stop in front of Shigla’s shop if they spot him doing so.

Denver’s story is about more than just his wit; learning how to use public transportation is not an easy challenge for a dog. Even though his outstanding brain has figured out the path, it is his love for his family that drives him forward.