The Cockapoo siblings met on the street and recognized each other immediately

What started as a typical walk of two Cockapoo dogs turned into an unexpected family reunion when two long-lost brothers bumped into each other.

The dogs recognized each other almost immediately. Despite the fact, they haven’t seen each other for months. Share a tight embrace and chuckle when getting to know each other.

Cockapoos dogs, named Monty and Rosie, were born in the same litter last June. Although there are 6 of them in a litter, Rosie and Monty are the two closest sisters, always together.

Susan Killip is Rosie’s mother. Her friends living in a nearby village adopted Monty and even watched Rosie for a week. However, the dogs never met again until last month.

Killip said that the reunion was lovely when both dogs jumped up and even hugged each other. It has been more than ten months since the two last met, but they still remember.

Libby Pincher shared cute stories on Twitter. She posted a chat with her father and went viral.

While there’s a debate over whether dogs can remember their siblings, social media users and Killip now know for sure that dogs have recognized each other.

It is also possible that siblings respond warmly to each other because they recognize something comforting or familiar about the other dog.

Tufts University claims on its website that :

“Dogs of the same breed often attract each other towards each other, what we know is this: The scent of another dog will stay with one dog for a long time… But will the dog handle that? Is it a family relationship or not, we will probably never know for sure. “SHARE touching couples stories with your friends and siblings!