Cops Locate Missing Toddler And Realize Family Dog Had Been Protecting Her The Whole Time

There is no doubt that dogs are man’s best friends. A family from Missouri had a very touching story to tell. If it weren’t for the loyal dog who never left her side, this family would have lost their little girl.

A 3-year-old girl named Remy was playing on the swings. Her mother, Timberlyn Merritt, left her briefly to get something from inside the house. When she returned, Remy was nowhere to be found.

She didn’t waste even a second. She immediately called 911 and asked for help.

In the emotional phone call, her voice cracked as she said “We can’t find her anywhere.”

Source: YouTube Screenshot – Inside Edition

Missing in the scene was another victim, their one-year-old Yorkie named Heath. The dog was always Remy’s companion. They played together and slept together. And that night, Timberlyn suspected that the two were lost together when Remy followed her dog into the cornfield.

While she was waiting for help to arrive, she dashed into the field and yelled, “Remy! Remy!”

The more calls that came in, the more her heart sank. Timberlyn knew the longer Remy stayed out in the field, the more likely it was she’d be in danger.

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There are animals on the farms, according to Timberlyn. There were all sorts of wild animals lurking on the farms. Coyotes were the most common culprit. When her initial search didn’t yield a positive result, she began calling her friends and family to help find her.

There were more than 100 people that joined the search.

The eight-foot tall corn stalks made it exceedingly difficult for anyone to find the victim. The search party was looking for her in pitch blackness. To make matters worse, the identical view of corn made it impossible to know where you were in the field.

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One of their friends talked about the experience. They were walking back and forth from one end of the cornfield to the other, yelling out Remy’s name.

They didn’t stop looking until their flashlights started dying out one by one.

No one gave up. They heard barking after the search continued the next day. They followed the sound hoping it would lead them to Remy.

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After an incredibly long 12-hour search in a “maze”, they found her near some grain silos half a mile away from their house.

The rescue team found a miraculous sight. Remy, the baby girl, was fast asleep, but she wasn’t alone. She was clutching close to her chest Heath, her loyal dog that never left her side.

Source: Twitter – @MSHPTrooperE

Remy wrapped her arms around Timberlyn and the little girl narrated how Heath stayed with her throughout the twelve exhausting hours of being alone.

It was Quinlin, Timberlyn’s brother, who drove all the way from western Kentucky, that found Remy.

Source: Twitter – @MSHPTrooperE

She said that Remy was exhausted, hot, and sweaty when they picked her up. Even though the little girl was getting mosquito bites, she was largely unharmed thanks to her loyal best friend. The moment was shared by the Missouri State Highway Patrol on their Twitter account.

“This is what #Community looks like. Law enforcement, 1st Responders and community volunteers coming together to find a missing child. Her dog stayed by her side all night. #StrongerTogether” the tweet said as it showed photos of Remy and Heath.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – Inside Edition

It was an emotional night, Heath was an important part of Remy being found and returned home safe and sound.

Watch this little girl and her dog in this video. After a terrible night, they both survived.

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