Cops Shut Down Busy Highway To Save Lost And Frightened German Shepherd

For dog owners, the notion of losing a cherished pet in a perilous circumstance is a nightmare. One can only hope that if something similar were to happen to our dog, someone as compassionate as these officers would intercede to save him.

Lexi, the German shepherd, became disoriented and ended up darting in and out of traffic on Massachusetts’ Interstate 495.

Thankfully, police came before she was struck and attempted to get her off the road. However, Lexi’s fear caused her to panic and run back into traffic. Officers rapidly determined that a coordinated effort was required to save the dog.

Consequently, three authorities — the Massachusetts State Police, the Muthuen Police Department, and the Massachusetts Department of Transportation – promptly devised a strategy to assist in the rescue of the terrified dog.

They initially blocked all lanes of traffic to prevent Lexi from being struck by a vehicle. Then, once the traffic had ceased, they had to devise a plan to convince Lexi to approach them. Thankfully, they came up with a delicious idea.

State Trooper Malachy Higgins had a granola bar, and fortunately, Lexi enjoyed the delicious snack. As soon as she noticed the goodie, she sprang inside the police car, knocking over the officer’s coffee and activating the siren.

However, none of that mattered because Lexi was safely safe and was quickly reunited with her delighted owner in Methuen. Trooper Higgins stated, “I’m a dog owner myself, so I know how it feels to lose a pet,” Higgins told the Boston Herald, adding that when he observed the dog, he thought of his own 5-year-old Australian shepherd, Teddy.

He stated, “I have a wife and a one-year-old child.” “I understand how awful his death would be for them.”

Lexi was saved by these compassionate Troopers and returned home safely. Please share this amazing tale of rescue with your friends and family.