Couple Builds Giant Bed So All 8 Of Their Rescue Dogs Can Sleep With Them

Why not provide our dogs with the finest of everything, including a comfortable place to sleep? In fact, research indicates that women sleep better next to dogs than next to humans.

Because your bed has limited space, it may be tough to sleep next to all of your dogs if you have numerous canines. Chris and Mariesa Hughes had difficulty sleeping properly because they shared their bed with eight rescue dogs!

They devised a wonderful plan to accommodate all of their cherished pets without forcing them to sleep on the floor every night.

The couple from Clifton Park, New York commissioned Mike Ford, a dog-loving furniture maker, to create the “megabed.” This gigantic bed took six months to construct. The addition of two mattresses makes the bed even larger.

The bed features a king-size mattress on top and a full-size mattress next to it on the side. The six-foot-tall headboard features hand-carved paw prints. Additionally, the bed has side drawers and built-in stairs to help senior dogs climb into it.

The Hughes’ are the founders of “The Mr. Mo Project,” a non-profit that aids in the adoption of senior and ill shelter dogs. Such lovely individuals; keep up the INCREDIBLE work!

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Image (Screenshot)/Story Video Source Credit: Good Morning America via YouTube Video