Couple Hears Someone Stuck In Their Chimney And Can’t Believe Who They Find

“When it came out, we yelled!”

The Hairy Farmpit Girls weren’t really concerned when a peculiar sound began to emanate from the chimney at first. After three days, though, they recognized that whatever was causing the noises was likely coming out of the chimney slowly and would need assistance.

According to Jen and Swan of the Hairy Farmpit Girls, “We started thinking squirrel maybe.” “We repeatedly opened the fireplace and looked wherever we could, but nothing was there. The chattering we overheard later pretty much confirmed for us that it was a squirrel, but we had to wait for it to come all the way down because the chimney flue curves.


Something has been making noise in our chimney. we had to wait for it to make its way down, thinking it was a squirrel or some rodent…boy were we wrong…

♬ original sound – Swan Wyatt Byrd

Finally, the animal they believed to be a squirrel was at the bottom, ready to be released, and the noises coming from the chimney were quite loud. They unlocked the doors and gathered some pillows and blankets in preparation to politely eject their friend from the residence. When they disassembled the chimney’s tube, they discovered a claw sticking out.

The person living in the chimney wasn’t even a squirrel. He was an owl.


The Hairy Farmpit Girls recalled Jen’s possible joking suggestion that it might be a vulture the day before: “We simply laughed it off.” We both adore vultures, so even though we shouted when it first came out, it was still very fantastic and made us feel unique.

Fortunately, the vulture appeared to be in good health and flew all around the living room until someone could open a window and get him back outdoors. Since the Hairy Farmpit Girls purchased the home, he and his family have resided there, and they were delighted to assist a neighbor. They believed that was the end of it, but it wasn’t because the vulture they saved continues to stop by frequently to say hello.


The Hairy Farmpit Girls recalled, “The next morning, we heard what we believed was a kitten or one of our newborn goats on the side porch. “When we checked, he was there, watching us have breakfast, so we went back. I believe he enjoys us.


He likes meeting them whenever he gets the chance, and the pair has decided to call him Scary Poppins. He is really appreciative of their assistance, and they have undoubtedly gained a lifelong friend.

The Hairy Farmpit Girls predicted that he would remain nearby his entire life because they are highly accustomed critters.