Crooked faced dog with heart of gold found his forever home.

He is handsome. A big “Thank You” to the family who took him in….. Blessings

So glad he found the family he was meant to love. They are very lucky to have him.

The injury happened to the dog named Woody when he was still a puppy.
Since puppies’ skull bones aren’t fully fused and formed yet, his skull healed, but it ended up being [slightly deformed]. This made his face look funny and crooked.

Even though he has a cute face, his first owners in Tennessee got rid of him when they moved out. It took a while for a local to think of calling a rescue group for Woody, but it worked out.

Courtney Bellew, an employee of SNARR, comes to his aid.
Courtney says: He’s calmed down a lot in just five days in foster care, and he’s doing great because he’s getting everything he needs.
He’s a nice boy, and he’s very happy to be able to run around and live in a house and do other things.

And when he finally found a forever home, his sweet personality was just as seductive. He worried about his new mom all the time. During his first few days with his new mom, Jamie Bond, he got sick.

Woody was worried sick the whole time and never left her side.

Jamie said, “Now he’s my shadow. He follows me everywhere I go to make sure I’m safe.” Woody likes to curl up on the bed and put his head on my chest.
Woody is a great example of why you shouldn’t judge someone by the way they look. That, and the way you look doesn’t change how much people love you.

Thank that family for taking in this beautiful baby. He will show you love every second of the day.

So glad he has a family now to love and be loved. He’s beautiful just the way he is, and he’s in good hands with a loving family.

God bless you for loving him as much as he needs to be loved.