Crow Family Leaves Special Gifts For Woman Who Was Kind To Them

So many sparkling objects

Tango Steinke learned she had some rowdy neighbors when she first moved into her townhouse in Virginia. She gave the name Doc and Dottie to a pair of crows that settled behind her house and claimed the territory around it.


Steinke made the decision to approach the crow couple as best she could.

According to Steinke, “They’d come by at random, and I’d throw peanuts their way.” Extending the feed to the crows merely made obvious because I was already feeding the other birds and squirrels.


Food supplies grew sparse throughout the winter, and Doc and Dottie began coming almost every day. When I got inside, they would not approach me but instead go eat the peanuts, according to Steinke. “During the first month of frequent visits, they raised their voices to announce their presence. On the weekends, they would crow at my bedroom window until I got out of bed to feed them.

The crow couple occasionally invited friends to partake in the feast. Off of her balcony on the third floor, Steinke constructed a tiny perch for the crows.

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The crows decided to express their appreciation for saving them from the winter by providing them with food.

Steinke then discovered a weathered, grey pebble on the perch.

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In order to share it with everyone, Steinke stated, “I had gone out to feed when I noticed it and hurried for my camera.” Since then, they have left a variety of presents, including a Coke tab, a button, acorns, metal pieces, a broken marble, and ceramic fragments.

I typically discover anything in the feeder from them once a month, she continued.


Doc and Dottie brought more than just gifts, though. When it was time for feeding last spring, a newcomer—a baby crow—arrived. The three-person family is now more than just Steinke’s neighbors.

They now get along.

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More than just birds dining in my yard, according to Steinke. They linger out on the playground, accompany us to the bus stop in the morning, and, perhaps most significantly, sound the alarm if one of my children trips over.

She continued, “I’m not sure if they’re just looking out for them or if they don’t trust me to parent them. But whenever we go outside, they are never very far away.

The crows have grown to trust her after two years and are confident that she would help them if they ever needed it.