Deaf Guy Adopts A Deaf Rescue Pup And Teaches Him Sign Language

Every dog deserves a loving home, including special needs dogs. Sadly, these types of dogs often prove to be harder to place than others because they need more care and attention than the average pup would require. This was the case with this tiny black lab mix who found himself sick and living in a shelter at only one month old.

This is a touching story about how a little puppy, who was almost lost in the struggle to survive, ended up being saved by the most perfect person.

The young pup was living in a Florida shelter suffering from the deadly parvo ᴠɪʀᴜs and seizures. His prognosis was bleak but that didn’t stop a rescue and foster organization called NFR Maine from trying to save his life by moving him north, hoping he would be cured on their journey up north. They took in this little pup, moved him up north to find if he could ever recover enough to regain full health and find them a forever home.

Once in Maine, NFR Maine learned that the little guy had another problem. The dog had a hearing impairment and the vet could not say if the pup was born with this problem, or acquired it during his illness, this became another hurdle for which he’d have to overcome. It would be a tough test of perseverance in the face of adversity, but NFR Maine knew that this pup could do anything – and they were right!

What happened when a 2-week old puppy was shared on social media with the hope that it would be adopted? NFR Maine made sure to say that they knew this little bundle of love would make a great pet for the right person. And, their prayers were answered! The exact right person came out of nowhere and into puppy’s life!

Nick Abbott, who was born deaf, thought that he would be able to understand the specific needs of a deaf dog, and therefore he decided to adopt the dog and name him Emerson. Within 24 hours, he had filled out the adoption papers and acquired a new best friend.

When Emerson and Nick met, they shared an instant connection. He immediately began to teach the puppy simple sign language. The two have no trouble communicating with one another, which is why he trusted him completely right away! Whenever Nick pets Emerson’s ear, he barks.

We’re thankful to NFR Maine for rescuing Emerson from the shelter and giving him a chance at finding love in the arms of his new owner. We are happy that we found each other, too!

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