Deformed dog has a new happy life after being rescued

Outdoor life is hard enough for stray animals, and it’s much worse when they’re deformed or injured. Jax was a poor dog who lived miserably on the streets for days. Neighbors tried to help by giving him food, but what he needed most was a forever refuge. After being briefed on Jax’s situation, Hope For Paws rushed out to rescue him.

To protect him safely, they decided to set traps far from the path. The mission became more difficult because the dog was not interested in their food, and they cannot reach him. After following him for an hour, he finally stopped at a garage. They didn’t carry a gentle trap, so they have to find another way. The dog was deformed, unable to walk on all his legs. He kept hiding under the car, looking very scared, trying to fight rescuers. The difficult life of being homeless without care and love made him lose faith in humanity. He actually shivered with fear.

After a lot of effort, they finally put him in a trap. The poor boy suffered so much pain. When they got to the vet, Jax began to calm down as if he realized he was safe. After examination, they learned that Jax was born with a deformity where his bones never fully developed in one leg. His short and deformed leg didn’t work and made him uncomfortable, so they had no choice but to amputate it. Jax was exhausted from the hustle and bustle of life on the streets, but now he could think of a beautiful life ahead of him.

Jax has recovered well from the surgery and although he lost a leg, he felt much more comfortable. Three months later, the L.A. Animal Rescue found him a wonderful home. The scared dog turned into a playful dog, and with only three legs, Jax remains a loving and energetic dog, enjoying the love-filled life he always deserves.

You can watch the rescue video here: