Diver comes face to face with giant jellyfish off the coast of England

If there is one location on Earth that truly terrifies me, it is the deep depths. You never know what kind of enormous terrible beast the water may conceal. And the most recent encounter between humans and such enormous animals occurred just days ago off the coast of Cornwall, England, according to majesticanimals.

While scuba diving, scientist Lizzie Daly encounters a massive jellyfish. And by enormous, I mean at least as large as a person. Although barrel jellyfish are the largest of their species, this is the first time such a massive specimen has been observed.

“It is known to grow to this size, but I’ve never seen one this massive,” Daly told CBS News.

“Woah!!!!! Yesterday, during our final dive of #WildOceanWeek in Falmouth, we came across this GIANT barrel jellyfish! What a way to conclude our aquatic life trip!” the scuba diver tweeted.

Lizzie, who dove with marine photographer Dan Abbot, stated that the expedition they were on exceeded her expectations. Their journey was part of the wildlife presenter’s Wild Ocean Week program.

“I want to bring the audience along with me on the experience, so I will broadcast films and updates as they occur during the week.

“Diving with seals, swimming with blue sharks, and generally celebrating our coasts is what #WildOceanWeek is all about,” Lizzie Daly said in a statement. “Most importantly, it’s about supporting people who are at the forefront of safeguarding our marine environments.”

Below, you can view the intriguing and horrifying moment when Lizzie encountered this enormous marine creature!