Dog Abandoned In Freezing Cold Completely Transforms After Rescue

She finally receives the much-needed love she is due.

Rosabella curled into a ball and dozed off in December to avoid the biting winter air. Rosabella wouldn’t have lived very long if she had been abandoned in a Minnesota alleyway with nothing but a frail wire container to keep the elements off of her.

Thank goodness, a rescue volunteer saw the dog and quickly took her to a warm, safe location.

Since that terrifying day about a year ago, Rosabella’s life has radically altered, and for the better.


She should have weighed more like 45 pounds, according to Kelli Hanson, director of marketing and communications at Ruff Start Rescue, who stated as much to The Dodo. Although we are unsure of how long she waited outside in the cold, I believe she was found rather shortly.

Rosabella was promptly freed by the volunteer, who also helped her enter the shelter of the rescue so she could escape the cold.

According to Hanson, “She was incredibly affectionate and grateful to be warm.”


While Rosabella worked to regain her health, she quickly found her forever home. The formerly lost dog is now prospering. Her new mother sent an update, and the rescue posted about it on FB.

Rosabella’s mother said to Ruff Start Rescue, “After witnessing her sad story on the news, I felt I had to reach out to see what I could do to rescue her. Fortunately, I was selected to potentially adopt her.


Rosabella was successfully introduced to the woman’s dog, Lucy, by the woman.

The post added, “Lucy and I fell in love with her immediately away. “She is such a wonderful girl, full of joy and curiosity. She is always with us. She has undoubtedly developed significantly, and she is healthy and active.


Rosabella’s past is largely unknown, however she currently loves taking walks in the neighborhood or at the dog park, playing with her new sister, and taking long naps. She won’t ever have to be concerned about surviving the harsh environment.


Rosabella’s presence in my life has been enjoyable, the post said. “Considering her past, it’s amazing how sweet-spirited she is. Finally receiving the love she needs in her forever home!