Dog Abandoned In Walmart Parking Lot Won’t Stop Hugging His Rescuers

Clarence is a firm believer in the golden rule: treat people the way you want to be treated yourself. That means hugging everyone he sees and clinging to his carers in the hope that they won’t ever leave him, for the adorable 4-year-old rescue dog.


Clarence had never experienced the warmth and security of a home. Before they dropped him off in a Walmart parking lot and went away, he had spent his entire life outside in his family’s yard.

There, the golden retriever and chihuahua mix met and began following two other abandoned dogs, a German shepherd and a Chihuahua mix.


Clarence and his German shepherd pal were eventually apprehended by Animal Control, who then contacted Clarence’s owner. Clarence was placed on the euthanasia list after his owner declined to come pick him up from the shelter. Fortunately, Hounds In Pounds stepped in just in time to save Clarence and the German shepherd from their ordeal and place them in loving forever homes.

Even though Clarence had a terrible beginning to his existence, he has no ill will against humans and is overflowing with affection.


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In a FB post, Hounds In Pounds described the dog as “he is sweet, gentle, and so grateful to be safe with us,” “We can’t help but get lost in Clarence’s golden coat. It reminds us of sunshine, and so does his personality. He is bright, warm and brings light to those who know him. “


Whether it’s a kid or a canine, he’ll get along with everyone he meets. Cat Suzuki, the creator of Hounds In Pounds, described him as “an angel – literally.” “He just wants to be close to you. This dog is a mush. That’s all I can say about him.

Clarence is on his way from Georgia to New Jersey to begin his quest for a forever home in the coming days. In addition, his rescuers are confident that the laid-back lad would be a joy to whoever is fortunate enough to take him in.


According to Suzuki, a family with people who are around a lot is ideal for him since he bonds quickly. “A movie buddy or snuggling partner is excellent for him because he’s really lazy.”

Clarence can’t wait to give and receive a hearty hug from his future partner. It would be like a dream come true for Clarence.

T/H: The DoDo