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Dog becomes friends with deer over the fence and they visit every day

It is uncommon for a domestic animal to be friends with a wild animal, much less form an unbreakable friendship with one.

It is in an animal’s nature to defend its family and territory, and this is true of both domestic pets and wild animals. When dog owner Hollister Faulconer observed her dog becoming friends with a deer, she was astounded.

Faulconer rescued her dog Huey nine years ago, and since then the two have been inseparable. There is no one or anything that could potentially stand in their way. Faulconer was primarily startled by Huey’s interaction with their wild guest because the lovely dog is also quite protective of his human mother.

Source: The Dodo

Faulconer first became aware of the deer skulking in his yard when he began to observe them. Typically, it would sneak up and feed at their bird feeder, which is positioned outside their fence. Instead of attempting to repel the juvenile deer, the homeowner was enchanted by its courage to approach their property, which was plainly beyond the creature’s normal environment.

Despite his protective nature, Huey did not perceive the small deer as a threat.

Source: The Dodo

“Huey was a little confused at first, and definitely cautious,” Faulconer told The Dodo. “I would just talk to them both and make sure they both felt safe. Slowly, they just started talking over the fence!”

It was not uncommon for the deer to visit the Faulconer’s home many times per week. They never chased away the wild animal and embraced it with open arms, as the deer never caused them any harm.

Source: Instagram – hollister_faulconer

The deer became a frequent visitor, and they ultimately gave her the name Sassafras. It turns out that those daily trips weren’t only for the bird feeder, but also for Huey. Faulconer quickly observed that her dog and the deer were connecting, but it took a few more trips for the two to become the best of friends.

Source: Instagram – hollister_faulconer

Typically, Huey and Sassafras would trade sniffs over the fence, almost as if they were telling each other stories. The scene is really charming, and if you haven’t seen a deer in a long time, the sight of one befriending a dog would captivate your bare eyes.

On occasion, Sassafras would even bring her children along.

Source: Pexels

It appears that she also wants Huey to be friends with her fawns, since the doe often brings her young with her when she visits the Faulconer’s home.

“It’s absolutely adorable,” said Faulconer. “I love watching them.”

We, as humans, should emulate their relationship because we are frequently divided by our race and skin color. Despite their differences, a dog and a deer became friends despite belonging to different species.

Source: Instagram – hollister_faulconer

In fact, when Faulconer released the footage of the incident between Huey and Sassafras to her Instagram account, some people believed it had been edited or manipulated.

“Okay after looking at this again is this real? Did you really record this? Is that your dog? Did this really happen? Photoshop? Omg,” the commenter wrote.

Well, believe it or not, it is 100 percent genuine! Just watch the video below and form your own opinion.

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