Dog befriends a.ban.doned cheetah and comforts his lonely soul

Many people are born without family, but fortunately, they still have real friends by their side to guide them through the ups and downs in life. These incredible bonds also happen in the animal kingdom, where different animals beat all odds to stay together and become best friends forever.

Meet Kumbali, an a.ban.doned cheetah rejected by his own family, only to find himself the best companion on Earth he could ask for – an adorable dog named Kago. Kumbali was born six years ago at Metro Richmond Zoo in the US.

Back in 2015, the little boy was so frail that zookeepers couldn’t bear letting him stay with his siblings for fear that the rest might hurt him while they lived together. Since only two of his mother’s eight nipples work, the three cubs have to scramble for milk, and it looked like this little boy wouldn’t be able to.

After being bottle-fed, Kumbali quickly regained his strength and quickly grew into a vibrant, healthy baby. But that didn’t mean he can return to his family immediately because after so many days apart, the cheetah family may see him as nothing more than a threat. Thus, Kumbali officially became a homeless boy. Since male cheetahs are particularly social, the loneliness broke his heart.

That’s when Kago, the mixed labrador retriever, appears in this story. To cheer up the lonely boy, Kumbali’s caretakers came up with the idea of ​​finding him a loyal companion, and Kago was the chosen one.

The dog was rescued from a horrible shelter in Alabama and then taken to Virginia, where he was introduced to people at the zoo. They were worried at first about how these two boys would react, but it turned out that Kago is a naturally affectionate dog who can warm his friend’s heart in the most adorable way possible.

The two quickly became close friends thanks to Kago’s persistent efforts, and they have been inseparable ever since. Kago has taught Kumbali to be much calmer, more loving, and more open-hearted. They even become good friends with many other animals at Metro Richmond Zoo!

Watch the full touching friendship here: